7 waistline tips

Not prepared by me but a lovely friend

I try to avoid snacking it spikes my blood sugar. If I’m hungry I usually reach for a few slices of smoked salmon, bresaola is my new fav and walnuts.


I’ve reduced my sugar intake for obvious reasons. Don’t get me wrong I still tuck into a slice or two of carrot cake or dark chocolate with chilli. Not at the same time and not every day.


I’m all for moderation and enjoyment besides I can’t drink as much as I did in my younger days. I have no plans to give up red wine or Veuve any time soon.

Strength training

I include more body weight and strength workouts. Helps build muscle in turn keeps my fat at bay. A few extra sit ups, squats, lunges and crunches never go amiss.

New workout or sports gear is always a good incentive for me.


I’ve upped my protein helps retain muscle. Research shows protein generally increases satiety.


Eating like I did in my twenties is not the best idea. I suppose if I was clubbing all night I still could, clearly I’m not! I eat less carbohydrates. I’m not a good cook, salads and fish are my go to plus I like good rye breads.

move more

I work from home so when nature calls I run to the loo upstairs instead of using the one downstairs. Also having a bottle of water in my kitchen forces me to leave my desk to refill my glass. All movement counts!

Share your tips. This is just what works for me. What works for you?

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