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I went through a phase in my mid 20s of really enjoying a weekly sauna. At the time it was at a sports centre, in the corner of the changing rooms, not a private country club. Luckily for me there was seldom anyone else using it. Now years later I’ve rekindled my enjoyment of saunas both at home and in wonderful spa retreats.

I must mention my first birthday suit experience in a sauna. The event took place at a beautiful all singing all dancing spa in Burgenland, Austria. After a day of cycling we ventured into the spacious large expanse, which looked out to a stunning lake. All of the benches faced the lake, so once seated the lake was everyone’s view, if you were sitting off course. To begin with I felt quite self conscious with only my towel, however my husband assured me no one would be interested in looking at me. Lo and behold he was absolutely right. I mean I didn’t run in with my bits and pieces jiggling. It was all very proper with pristine towels covering ourselves on entry with another to lay on the bench while sitting or lying.

I prefer to cool down naturally rather than plunging into a cold pool or taking a cold shower.

  • Sweating can help clear pores. A good detox for our skin.
  • Relaxing muscles after a workout can help recovery.
  • Stress relief – anything which helps keep our stress hormones at may is positive
  • Boosts our blood circulation. For our skin this means more nutrients and oxygen, giving us healthier glow.

Much of the time in Nordic countries taking a cold plunge is normal practice, usually in a lake after each session. Also saunas are important and taken seriously, more of an event, a whole afternoon of socialising.

  • Remember to rehydrate after your sauna. I gulp a couple glasses of water.
  • Usually each sauna session is 15 – 20 minutes, if you’re a newbie start with shorter times
  • Relax after the sauna making sure your body temperature comes down naturally

Are saunas your thing?

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  1. Joolz avatar

    Saunas are absolutely my thing wish I could have one everyday. Must be great to be completely naked too.

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