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“Fashion changes, but style endures.”

– Coco Chanel

Has your style changed? I have to say mine definitely has. The biggest change was towards the end of my 30s when I left the corporate world and embraced skiing more. I’m much more casual these days. I’ve switched from high heels to mid or kitten and learned trainers are not only for working out but casual wear too. I also think it’s all part of the vibe nowadays, comfort is cool! Not that I’m cool.


My all black wearing phase, latest a good while. In the last few years I’ve become a little brave and introduced colour especially during summer. I’m not in sunflower yellow or bright orange. I’m partial to all white and creams. Smart and somewhat chic, in my opinion.


“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”

– Coco Chanel

Jeans and trousers

My jeans obsession has finally waned. I donated most of my collection to a charity. If I hadn’t worn them for 6 months to a year it was time to say good bye, I’m not a collector or hoarder. It’s a good feeling donating plus it freed up space for new buys.

Leather or leather look trousers are my wardrobe staple mainly during winter and autumn. I find them versatile, dress up or dress down. There was a time when I’d only wear trouser suits, now I like them best with a good well fitted white tee and trainers or a shirt/blouse. I always travel in trousers, for me far more comfortable than jeans.


How I’ve changed. I was an avid heel wearer, so much so I had shorted tendons resulting walking on the balls of my feet, something I’d never noticed until my husband pointed it out. These days a mid block sling back, kitten heel or a classic flat are my go to. Much of this is due to my life style. This said, a well crafted shoe is beautiful hence the reason mine remain tucked away in clear boxes. I have no plans to part with them, they’re works of art!


A hat is always chic in my opinion, especially if you want to elevate a look. I just have to be brave enough to try!


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    These days I know what I like to wear, but most of all finally feeling comfortable in my own skin whatever I’m wearing.

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    By the way you look fantastic ladies

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