…And the sun still rises with or without us

sunrise on Ganatschalm

I was asked these questions the other day and thought it generous to share

What wasn’t great about this year?

What was great?

What can be improved?

What can I stop doing?

What can I start doing?

I’m excited for the coming year. Are you?

One response to “Reflection…”

  1. Julie avatar

    We lost our mum 3 weeks ago, after a long struggle with dementia. Can’t be sad we lost her years ago, it was a happy release. Funny still feel her presence around me at times. Not only a mum daughter sister auntie Nan, a strong vibrant person in her own right. I don’t think she ever believed she was. On reflection you don’t realise how one person effects so many other peoples lives. Life is short take every opportunity to learn, grow explore. Live the best life you can. Remember to love is to be loved

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