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Skagen Denmark

Getting older we can become cautious and dare I say a little reluctant to try something new. New ideas and activities can be seen as arduous challenges rather than an optimistic adventure. Becoming stuck in our ways, resistant to change. Even when we have the chance to try something new, we may decline. The thing is, we could be missing out on something fantastic, a wonderful experience. I think it’s a good reason to say yes more often. We may find we quite like this something new. Lo and behold I did!


I’d heard much about open water or cold water swimming, I’m sure you have too. On the other hand if you haven’t it’s swimming outdoors in lakes, rivers the sea. We all know it’s nothing new but it’s all the rage. Here in Austria of course it’s the lakes. I’m only ever out in the ocean when I’m somewhere super hot on holiday. However our Scandinavian friend’s are pretty adept at such activities, in the cold ocean. Well here’s the thing, it’s the cold water which was tempting me to turn my back and run, until my recent trip to the beautiful shores of Skagen.

Cold Therapy Helps
  • Reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Helps recovery of sore muscles. We often hear of athletes having ice baths
  • Helps your immune system
  • I end my shower with a cold water. Without a doubt it wakes me up

The first morning whilst standing on the balcony of my bedroom I gazed into the Baltic’s crashing waves and took in the view. I reached for my phone, took a few pics, then I heard ‘I’m off for a swim’ I surprised myself with ‘I’m coming. Maybe it was the sea air. Bikini clad, plus my bathrobe, I felt strangely warmer than the 17°. Thinking back it was probably an adrenalin rush.

A few minutes later we were on a never ending stretch of beautiful pebbled shore. And off went my friend’s bathrobe, swimsuit too! I followed and did exactly the same. Yes, exactly the same. Off she ran, hands in the air welcoming the tide. I ran closely behind following her every foot step. Hands aloft I too welcomed the waves. At which point my brain didn’t register the water warm or cold. A few seconds later as you guessed my brain registered loud and clear, cold. But hey it was energising and exhilarating. I loved every moment. For the rest of my stay, we were up and out and into the Baltic in our state of nature to be nurtured. It was so special.

  • Try something new, you may like it or even love it
  • New can be exciting and energising
  • We learn, we move forward
  • Rise to a challenge
  • Connecting with nature, nurtures us too
  • New experiences are said to be beneficial for brain development
  • Be safe and enjoy

I’m missing the sea air and my morning dips. I’m glad my reply was yes.

When was the last time you tried something new? Are you saying ‘yes’ more often than not?

4 responses to “Try something new”

  1. Joolz avatar

    Well that made me laugh well done you. The only one time I swam in a lake that looked inviting was Austria it was perfect. Never tried it since but know friend that’s been cold water swimming for sometime, you may of inspired me to have another go especially with all the benefits.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      I’d say join your friend!xx

  2. Heidi avatar

    That’s awesome! I swam from Alcatraz years ago. It wasn’t nearly as cold as the Baltic, but too cold for me, hahaha. Good for you!

    As for trying something new, I’m still counting getting my pilot’s license a couple of years ago as bursting out of my comfort zone, hahaha.

    Now will you be continuing in some of the lakes near home?

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      A gals trip, and you’re our pilot. Definitely something new! x

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