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my growingannanas mat!

Keeping my subcutaneous fat to a minimum and doing my best to stay strong is important to me. I change up the sport I do depending on time of year, the weather, how I feel. I exercise most days. Outdoors, hiking, running, skiing or horse-riding when I can. Indoors on my mat, a combination of strength, body weight, cardio and I’m slowly making friends with yoga again. On my rest day stretching, 15 or 30 minutes. By the way this is what works for me. Let’s not compare ourselves. I say do what you like and most importantly you have to enjoy.

Over the last few years my body has really changed for the better. It’s been a gradual process. In the past I’ve had gym memberships, taken aerobic classes, yoga, palates, weight training and at one point I even had a personal trainer. For one reason or another I wasn’t able to get the results I have now. We’re individuals, our bodies respond differently. My training mainly consists of body weight and strength. I’m a fair weather runner!

Perfection doesn’t exist, everyone’s perspective is different. Being happy with how we look and feel is what’s important. If not most of us have the opportunity to change the outcome. We just have to give ourselves a chance.

Home workouts

I don’t response well to a myriad of ‘come ons’ or ‘lets go’ encouragement. It’s enough for me to concentrate on what I’m doing. Clear, concise, straight forward exercises, I can follow, nothing complicated I find works best. My co-ordination is not a strong point.

gowingannanas is my go to YT workout channel. Take a look. She has around 600 videos. In my humble opinion she is fantastic. Thankfully no whooping and a hollering over the music during each session. Some workouts are only 15 minutes, intense and effective. Each month she puts together a weekly programme, easy to follow with a variation of workouts, emphasis on different areas. Boredom has no chance to set in. Plus you can download her app to track your progress.

Working-out from home is perfect for me. Allows me flexibility and fits into my life style. Years ago I’d go to my gym after my work day. Now mornings are more effective otherwise the longer I leave it the less I’m inclined to move my butt.

Everyday isn’t easy, more will than want and commitment. Afterwards I feel energised, my focus and concentration improves.


Take it slow. Do what you can, no need to push too hard unless you have the Olympics in sight! Be kind and patient with yourself. March to your own drum.

What movement are you doing?

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  1. Joolz avatar

    Been bit snowed under lately however do realise the importance of keeping fit. I do try everyday to lift few weights for my arms, sit ups, leg lifts, pelvic floor exercises. Plus walk dog twice day. But you are right it’s all about being happy with yourself inside & out.

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