Breathtaking views

Sport is important to me especially due to the rapid decrease in muscle mass after 40 so I’m all for maintaining and building. Estrogen of course plays a part, with the decreasing levels we’re more inclined to gain unwanted fat around our tums. If I eat the same without having muscles and without doing sport I’d gain weight. Absolutely nothing wrong with weight gain, I just don’t wish to. In short muscles burn fat. I love my food, not to mention Pinot Noir and a few cheeky glasses of Veuve. I have no plans to stop enjoying (life’s too short) therefore it’s sport all the way for me. Enjoyment and challenge plays a huge part otherwise it’s a non starter and I lack motivation. What I do, depends on how I feel, weather and time of year.

Weight-bearing exercise is good for bone health and density. Again with our declining estrogen it’s important to try to keep our bones strong.

Beginning of the ski season, before the ski lifts open, has to be a favourite time. Sunshine, snow, the quiet calmness of the mountain still after all these years takes my breath away. I never tire of the views. I feel connected to nature, I know I’m part of it. So skiing is more than a sport to me.

Ski touring I find is both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. Walking up the mountain with no one in sight apart from my husband leading the way, gives me a sense of insignificance, my smallness against vast sometimes unforgiving terrain.Time to be in my own thoughts, with only the rhythm of my breath. It’s a great cardio workout similar to running, brisk walking or jogging. Funnily enough I enjoy the way up more than skiing down. If you enjoy running chances are good you would most likely feel the same.

Feeling the burn. Takes time to regain my ski legs.

How important is sport to you?


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