take a breath of fresh air – Skagen beach Denmark

Running is possible at almost any age, so long as you’re all in tact with no health issues! It’s possible to improve even at 50 plus. You often see and hear of marathon runners still going strong in their senior years.

Running in nature gives me a feeling of freedom, time to think to be in my own thoughts. I like the solitude. It becomes quite relaxing after a while. Especially if I have tension in my shoulders running seems to loosen them up. It should be an activity you enjoy.

If you’re new to running, from experience I would simply take your time, we’re not going for an Olympic gold, or even bronze. I used to run to the top of my road and back. Getting ready was longer than my run, but hey it was all ok with me!! I did this for a good few months. Each time I finished, I thought, that’s easy and that’s my secret, small steps. Better to do something than nothing. Your body should feel and remember it’s easy. I promise you’ll want to do it again! There’s no need to be puffin ‘n’ panting when we start. We can train for a marathon further down the line.

  • It takes time, don’t push too hard from the get go
  • Little by, little is best. Be patient
  • Short doable distances
  • Make sure you’re familiar with your route and area
  • good runners trainers

I’ve wanted to become faster and stronger for the longest time. I hit a plateau and wondered why. I learned I wasn’t taking my rest days seriously, to be honest I wouldn’t take proper rest days, subsequently I trained when my body hadn’t fully recovered. In other words training when my body was tired was not the optimum. Not one of my best ideas. Which meant I could never really push. But hey we live and learn…now I have proper rest days, sometimes doing complete nothing or a little stretching, yoga, strength, mobility, all depending on how my body feels. I’ve become more akin and respectful of my body. The following day full on running. And yes, finally I’m becoming faster. Plus more motivated.

Spring and Autumn are my favourite times to run. Not too hot, no flies or mosquitoes. My ideal temperate is between10 -14 degrees. It can be pretty hot during the summer so I’m up at first light and out the door! Only joking, however I do run first thing, well after a coffee and a glass of water it’s trainers on and out.

Anyone enjoying a brisk walk or run? We all need a breath of fresh air.


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