Are you relaxing and resting?

Time to think…

Relaxing and rest days are so so important. I pay attention to my body, I no longer exercise when I’m tired. Tiredness makes me ineffective and at risk of injury. I understand my muscles need time to grow. My body needs time to fully recover and become stronger.

Relaxing takes different shapes for all. Mine consists of a slow morning, I tell myself it’s ok. Winter season I’ll go skiing. For me, nothing beats being on the mountain. Snow, blue sky and sunshine. I never tire of the views. The mountains give me life, fill me with zest and wonder. Bring me to my centre. I’m conscious of my smallness and insignificance. A lazy lunch follows, alone or with friends, I love both and appreciate. Time to be with my own thoughts.

Summer more often than not is hiking. For you it maybe walking your dog. A gander in woodlands listening to bird song. I’m fortunate to often meet my favourite animals, horses. Beautiful, eh? Connections with animals or our pets brings calmness especially from touch. Being out in nature, re-charges my batteries. Knowing we’re all part of this circle of life.

Reading is another love of mine. I’m rather old fashioned, preferring a book rather than an iPad. Reading is a relaxing, informative treat mainly during the summer when I’m able to devote time. For me it’s important to keep my brain active. Just like any other muscle mine needs consistent training. With age we may become reluctant to learn new things for numerous reasons. I feel with age it’s imperative to continue to challenge ourselves, to fill our brains with new information. Keep learning and discovering. New keeps me motivated. Being interested, keeps us interesting.

How do you spend your rest days?

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