It wasn’t easy….

Not a pretty face. Waiting for my endorphins to kick in, I can tell you it took a while. No hot flushes that day.

Bodies like to move I’ve been told. Mine needs to even more so now and I do feel better for it. I try to run first thing, well after a coffee nothing happens before. I have to make a conscious effort to move more, especially working from home. Running outdoors is best for me however when I lived in the UK I adored the gym. Sometimes I’d go, get my kit on chat to a friend for an hour or so then go home. At least I’d been to the gym. (that’s absolutely true) Just find something you like or even love. Doing something I love, makes it easier to do most of the time rather than some of the time!

If or when you start find somewhere you like, where’s familiar and safe. Run outdoors in nature if possible in the fresh air. A running buddy is fantastic motivation. I used to run with a lovely lady some years ago. Small steps. No need to over do it. You want to remember an enjoyable experience. Give yourself time, start slow. When I’m in the flow, in balance I have a freeing weightless feeling, it’s taken years for me to reach this place. Like the great Joan Benoit Samuelson said “Develop on your own without comparison”. I’m much better at staying in my own lane, it’s taken quite a bit of work.

I’m a fair weather runner! Do whatever suits you.

What are you doing?


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