Hiking to Fritzhütte 1,736m

Away from skiing to hiking.The same landscape without snow looks completely different through my eyes. Both times of year are superb for different reasons.

Calm and connected to nature sometimes it’s just me and my backpack. When I’m alone I always choose a familiar trail. Over the years I’ve grown more accustomed to the height and steepness. The views are incredible, never tiresome.

Hiking is a great cardio and weight bearing exercise. Make it as challenging as you like. Even if you’re just walking quicken your pace walk with intention, swing those arms, head up and go for it. By the way, ladies it’s ok to sweat or should I say perspire! Listen to a podcast, music, whatever motivates you. There are so many good things say about a brisk walk or hike.

  • it’s free
  • you’re outdoors connecting to nature
  • this weight bearing exercise helps reduce risk of fractures and osteoporosis by strengthening our bones
  • cardio workout, good for our hearts helping reduce related diseases
  • helps retain muscle mass
  • helps weight management
  • you’ll feel energized
  • our bodies produce endorphins, the happy hormone

If you’re a newbie to hiking don’t go it alone, rope in a few friends. Instead of going for that coffee and cake, grab your water bottle and trainers. It’s motivating and fun in a group. By the way I’d still have that coffee and cake but after the hike. You would have earned it!

Are you hiking or walking?

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