Making changes may be difficult, it’s better to make small changes which are achievable otherwise it can feel overwhelming and we struggle keeping on track. For instance when I started running I only ran a few metres. It took me longer to get ready than the run it’s self but I still did it. My runs were short. Each time I felt it doable and that I could do it again…I didn’t! I became motivated and started to enjoy. Prior to this running was during my school days or for the train. It was important for me to enjoy the experience, otherwise I would have never stuck with it.

Since reaching menopause I’ve increased my exercise, and the intensity. I’m pleased to say with no regrets. There are so many health benefits.


Bones grow stronger with increased load. I hike, and run. Brisk walking, dancing, aerobics are all great options. I also do strength exercises using my body weight. Yoga, pilates are both great. This is important because bone density decreases during perimenopause and menopause. HRT helps to protect bones by estrogen replacement but exercise is still a must to build strength


Reduced estrogen can lead to fat around our middle, which may increase risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. So exercising and a healthy diet all helps.

Mood Changes and Stress

Exercise releases feel good chemicals called endorphins. We rarely feel worse after a workout.


We not only lose bone mass but muscle mass too, which increases risk of falls and fractures. All can be slowed down with regular exercise.

Cardiovascular Health

During and after menopause we are at increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Again regular exercise helps maintain healthy cholesterol.

There’s not enough evidence to show if exercise will stop hot flushes. What I can say is that although I didn’t suffer but had them a few times, with the combination of increased exercise they stopped.

If exercise or sport is new start slowly. If you have time start walking, increase your pace gradually. It’s motivating to buddy up with someone. I used to have a running buddy in the UK. Every Sunday, come rain or shine we would run together. I must admit the times it was pouring with rain, if I was alone it would have been the perfect excuse not to go.

Having a gym membership can be a great, but make sure it’s for you. I often used to go with the intention of working out. On occasions I’d find myself chatting in the changing rooms all kitted out and ready to hit the weights, but then decide not to bother. I’ve since discovered I adore nature and being outdoors.

Are you new to sport or exercise? What are you doing?

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8 responses to “Exercise”

  1. El avatar

    I would love to do more sports. At times I feel I`m fully motivated but after a while, I cannot keep my motivation up and I stop doing exercises again.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      I too struggled with motivation at the beginning and would have stopped without my running buddy. Not going alone really helped me.

  2. Tracy avatar

    Exercise really helped me with the symptoms of menopause. Short high intensity sessions daily helped with mood swings and temperature control. I definitely noticed a difference if I stopped doing them for a week or so. And generally as we age I think doing any sort of activity helps with our moods and is good for the body. I don’t do so much high intensity exercise now and do more walking/hiking /skiing/stretching. 2 or 3 times a year I go with a group of female friends and we do something that takes us out of our comfort zones – doing a long distance hiking trail sleeping in huts along the way, ski touring (with a guide) to mountains and valleys we would never see and for me these high adrenaline trips with like minded women (we talk non stop about everything and you know when we reach a really steep climb as the chatter peters out) together with regular exercise have been life enhancing. Definitely recommend exercise – even if it’s only a daily walk round the park.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      Your trips sound amazing, so motivating doing things together.

      1. Tracy avatar

        The power of women! Doesn’t have to be a high peak challenge – even a walk in the park and a coffee afterwards is good for our health.

    2. Micha avatar

      Das ist großartig Tracy, daß ihr Frauen euch zusammen tut und eure Komfortzone teilweise verlaßt und solche tollen Reisen unternehmt. Überhaupt viel mehr unternehmen was einem Spaß und Freude bereitet um die Stimmung zu heben ! Freue mich schon auf einen gemeinsamen Spaziergang und Kaffee demnächst! 😄🙋

  3. Heidi avatar

    Hi Sandra,

    You asked, “What are you doing for exercise?”

    I ski a lot, and I try to attend community ed classes for some light aerobics and stretching. But my main strength building comes from Aerial Silks and Hammock. It has taken me two years to be able to climb, as I started out with no strength. But even before I was able to climb, I was able to enjoy a lot of the poses and moves. I’m hypermobile, but even so, I had become tight and not as flexible. Now I can do several poses with splits in the air. I love it!

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      You’ve motivated me to try climbing lessons during summer!

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