Because we age doesn’t mean we can’t…..

Night swim in Norway Maggie-Clur Guest Post

Rise to new challenges. We may even enjoy, like or even love the effects and results

February 2023

I’m nervous. I’ve done this a few times, so I know how it goes. Turning 60 this year, so I’m wondering if my heart will hold up! I know that’s a nonsense thought, my body gets punished often and takes a fair bit of abuse … running, crossfit, but still, that thought is there, could this be the anomaly?

The others are changed quickly and off into the hot sauna. Damn. I really prefer to get one quick full immersion first. Just get that initial shock sorted. I follow the others, like a sheep, putting it off.

Its a beautiful location, just looking out over Nordåsvannet under a full moon. The swans are paddling around as if something is about to happen! In the dark the water looks even more foreboding, and cold. Some patches were iced over but thanks to the group who were here before us, the ice seems to have been blasted through.

Finally some of the girls are ready to dip and we tip toe out from the sauna and stand perched at the end of the floating jetty.

The regulars at this dive in, letting their bodies glide smoothly through the water and pop up several meters from the end of the jetty. I’m so impressed. I opt for the ladder, trying to remember to breath as I lower myself down into the water. Slow. In. Slow. Out. Just breath. Its cold. Its so f&cking cold it hurts!!! But I do it, I immerse myself but don’t let go of the ladder, just yet.

Everyone towels off and back into the sauna. I feel a little relieved having gotten the first dip done. We warm up again and I feel my skin tingling. Its really quite a nice feeling. Everyone is chatting, like you’re out for a drink (if only we had some!) The wood-burner gets jam packed with more logs and water goes on the coals on the top, its hotting up again! Soon we tip toe out for another dip. I feel a panicky feeling and don’t want to get into the water unless I can have full command of the ladder so I wait. I wait for everyone else to be finished. I get scared that I won’t be able to get out quickly enough. This time I ease myself down, and let go. I swim the teeniest circle ever, but its progress. And I’m breathing, not short ragged breaths, but long controlled breaths. Those are the ones you need for this.

Back to the sauna, more wood, more water, more laughter.

Interesting concoction/assortment of outfits too. Bikinis, swimsuits, woolly hats, and some with socks. But definitely no neoprene!!!

I have 2 more swims each time going further, and each time less painful. Its truly amazing how your body becomes accustomed to the cold. We only have it booked for 1 hour and the time goes quickly. We dress and say our goodbyes … my skin is glowing and I’m on top of the world!

6 responses to “Because we age doesn’t mean we can’t…..”

  1. Sarah H avatar
    Sarah H

    Cold dips are insanely healthy and are one of the free hits of dopamine out there!
    The hardest part is the mental battle before emersion.
    My husband and I do cold dips quite regularly – though unfortunately they don’t do my Reynauds much good. If I wear gloves it’s better!
    Did the author of this post continue with her cold dips?

    1. Maggie-Clur avatar

      Hello!! No, I haven’t actually been back in the water since that night in February but it is partly due to a very busy few weeks. You know how life sometimes gets in the way!! 2 winters ago I dipped weekly and could swim, almost relaxed for maybe a minute or two. Once this busy spell is over, I hope to do it on a more regular basis.

  2. Heidi avatar

    Thrilling! I couldn’t (because I don’t want to, not because I couldn’t, lol). But how great to push a little further each time!

  3. Joolz avatar

    Sounds wonderful ladies love to try it having a sauna after would be perfect. Have to borrow my sons decorating steamer put it in shed, not quite the same 😆

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      Definitely wake me up first thing in the morning…

  4. Michaela avatar

    Wow, das ist wirklich mutig! Bin schon immer sehr stolz auf mich, wenn ich es schaffe im Sommer in einem sehr kalten Bergsee zu schwimmen.Das alleine kostet Überwindung…im Winter/Eis kann ich mir das kaum vorstellen! 👍🙈

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