Water and wine

wine tasting

Water and wine, essential and non essential both favoured by me. (I’m hiding!)

There was a time when I could consume more than a FEW glasses of red. How things have changed, my tolerance has definitely waned. Now I know why. During peri-menopause, post and beyond water content is reduced in our body, making alcohol more concentrated in the blood thus more potent. I enjoy and savour a couple of glasses. Nowadays less is more.

We all know the importance of staying hydrated, more so now than ever. I’m all for keeping my skin looking plump or at least trying. I drink more than the recommended due to my sport. I’m talking about water not wine. Current advice is to drink around 8 glasses of water a day, about 1.6 litres. Do what feels right for you. Best indicator of dehydration is, by the colour of our wee. Usually on waking, after fingers crossed a good nights sleep, wee is dark yellow. Meaning we’re pretty dehydrated. During the day it becomes lighter as we drink, preferably water. Stay away as much as possible from sugary drinks. I’m not perfect, an espresso or two goes down a treat.

Dizziness is a sign I’m dehydrated. For some a dry, mouth, feeling tired, constipation, headaches, lack of concentration.

If symptoms persist always consult your health professional.

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