Protein power

I’ve upped my protein because I do a fair amount of sport and exercise. Plus now I’m older I need more help to retain muscle mass. I usually have protein with each meal. I eat a little over 1g of protein per kg of my weight a day.


NHS guidelines are 0.75g protein per kg of your ideal body weight per day.

Having enough protein is important for everyone whether you’re menopausal or not. I eat fish, dairy, eggs, seeds and nuts everyday so it’s really easy for me. If you’re vegan or vegetarian there are lots of alternatives including soya products, beans, lentils, Quorn.

Since upping my protein I’m not snacking as much. Don’t get me wrong I still snack from time to time. I’d say my cravings have stopped so it’s helped stabilize my blood sugar.


Protein has a satiating effect.

Salmon is my favourite go to, quick and easy. Salt, pepper a knob of butter in the oven it goes. I always pop the salmon on a piece of baking foil. No mess. I’m not an adventurous cook, not an activity I’m keen on. One serving is enough for me, a fillet approximately 110g, gives me 22g of protein.

Eat what you like and enjoy. I savoured a warm pain au chocolat the other day. Truly scrumptious!

Are you having enough protein?

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  1. Joolz avatar

    I do love fish but can be bit pricey for two, but a lot of mackerel pre-packed or tinned. Could do with cutting down on my cheese intake one of my weaknesses.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      Luv my cheese too…feta, parma ham and water melon!

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