Wild blueberries

Wild blueberries hand picked, packed with minerals and vitamins including vitamin C helping my immune system stay strong. We all know the collagen boosting benefits. Small handful a day keeps the doctor away. One of my five a day!

Getting them freezer ready.

As a child my dad would take my sister and I strawberry picking. I also remember blackberry picking. Is this still a thing? Who does this these days?

Fields of blueberries, more than we could pick!

My husband’s an expert…….


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  1. Anita avatar

    There are so many positives to harvesting yourself in the garden or the forest; it’s so cool to pick your own food, it’s fresh, you appreciate it much more and it’s a kind of excercise at the same time. I climb the steepest slopes to get the mushrooms. Ha ha ha. Great balancing act. As life is a balancing act.

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