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Make the best choices for yourself and feel fab

Since studying I can’t believe how I enjoy research, reports and data. Funny how things ‘change’, (pardon the pun) probably my age. Knowledge gives us power to make better decisions. We can compare notes, however what’s best for a friend may not be best for you.

There’s much talk surrounding HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Is it natural or not? Is it made of horse wee? Does it cause cancer? With everything there are pros and cons. But also science and the facts. Many argue HRT isn’t natural. Is it natural taking antibiotics, having a blood transfusion or taking antihistamine for my hay-fever. I feel it boils down to we can do what we like it’s our body. I’m eternally grateful to the blood donor otherwise I wouldn’t be here today.

I read an article the other day comparing HRT to simply topping up the oestrogen you’re lacking. Similar to needing insulin if you’re diabetic or taking thyroxine for thyroid deficiency.

HRT has been around since the 1940’s, as with all medication research is done and continues, giving us more choices, products and possibilities.

What we do know is there are numerous options and combinations of therapy available, even if ladies have gone into menopause surgically.


HRT (hormone replacement therapy) may also be referred to as BHT (bioidentical hormone therapy)


Many options are trans-dermal, absorbed directly through the skin in the form of gels, sprays and patches. Body identical, meaning the molecular structure is the same naturally produced in our body, taken from yam, a root vegetable.


Micronised progesterone is available, in a capsule. Also combined within a patch. Mirena coil is another option, commonly used as a form of contraception.

Yes we produce testosterone in our ovaries and it’s not just a sex hormone, more on that here if you’re interested.

  • Appointment time is limited. Have your questions prepared
  • Your GP may not have all the answers
  • Ask for a referral.
  • Seek out a specialist. It’s your health

HRT is taken differently depending on your history and the effectiveness. Meaning oestrogen and progesterone taken daily, is called continuous HRT. Oestrogen taken daily and progesterone for only part of the month is cyclical HRT, which induces a bleed. Options and more options. Speaking to a specialist is so important

Dr Louise Newson is a GP and menopause specialist in the UK. She runs her own clinic and well-being centre in Stratford-Upon-Avon UK

Dr Claudia Sievers has a private practice for holistic women’s health in Munich.

It’s a personal decision so I say make the very best choices for yourself, HRT or no HRT.

I’m not a doctor. Seek professional medical advice always.

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  1. Joolz avatar

    As you say our bodies our choice. Personally I couldn’t get by without HRT whatever it take to be able to cope.

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