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My parents insisted on cod liver oil during childhood. It was served in a schnapps glass. Cod liver oil topped with orange juice. Head back and gulp. It never occurred to me to ask why we didn’t have capsules. Haliborgange was my favourite, a vitamin C sweet treat.

Through my teenage years and adult life I’ve taken iron supplements from time to time.

Over the past 3 years I’ve taken a multivitamin specific for the 50+. It’s a one a day, all singing all dancing capsule, with emphasis on B vitamins. When I’m not taking a Vitamin B complex, my fatigue returns. In addition it contains all the usual suspects, Vitamins A, C, D3 and E. Trace elements such as copper, manganese and iron to name but a few. By taking a daily supplement, I know I’m having what I need in the correct quantities. Another factor is I have a tendency to be low in iron, due to my diet. In the past I’ve been diagnosed with anaemia. Iron is an important mineral, which helps maintain blood health. For a month now I’ve taken two natural supplements. Seaweed and Omega 3 DHA. Both come in capsules, but can be sprinkled on any meal if preferred.

The seaweed is from the Scottish Outer Hebrides. Seaweed is rich in iodine, an essential nutrient. Iodine is also found in white fish and dairy. It’s needed for your thyroid to function properly.

I’m all for supporting my brain health so this is where the Omega 3 DHA comes in handy. Not one to turn down help, where my brain is concerned!

I ran my multivitamin one a day, by my gorgeous Gynae, just to ensure I was good to go.

What are you taking?

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  1. Joolz avatar

    I’ve been going through the menopause for few years now. I do take Floradix iron & vitamin tablets. Feel maybe I should also be taking vitamin B to boost my iodine levels, as I also have under active thyroid.

  2. Michaela avatar

    Ja, ich nehme Nahrungsergänzung aus natürlichen Quellen gewonnen, wie Kräuter, Früchte, Pilze z.B.
    Erst seit ich eine tolle nachhaltigen österr. Firma entdeckt habe merke ich einen echten Unterschied! Sie werden vom Körper super aufgenommen, sind vertäglicher , sehr wirksam und bioverfügbar. Auch ich fühle mich dadurch energiegeladen, belastbarer ( auch was Nerven, von 0 auf 100 angeht 😉)und ausgeglichener.. Ähnliche Vitamine, Mineralstoffe, Spurenelemente und auch Omega 3 wie Sandra es beschrieben hat unterstützt mich sehr! Michaela

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