The weighting game

It’s not a game of win or lose, more one of balance. Recently a lady asked what I did. I said “it’s balance”, she replied “balance is boring”. Interesting eh? I feel this shows ‘balance’ is unique to all of us.

I can tell you it wasn’t fun and games for my mum during perimenopause and menopause. She struggled with weight gain. I noticed the increased weight around her tummy, but it was different she could no longer shift it without exercise. Sometimes motivated, she’d go swimming or aerobics relax after with a sauna. I’ve mentioned before Weight Watchers was her support with good results. She made cottage cheese look appetising, mixed with a hard boiled egg, chives, salt and pepper. She disliked anything plain, funny enough it never bothers me. I’ll be honest I’m too impatient to faff around. Out of the pot, on a slice of rye bread and in my mouth! I don’t have the answer why my mum stopped her sport however I remember her complaining of joint pain. If this is the case sport is definitely not at the top of your agenda. Understandably so.The doctor didn’t associate her joint pain, weight gain or low mood with declining oestrogen. Antidepressants were prescribed.


Declining oestrogen and testosterone can often cause muscle and joint pain, making us less inclined to exercise or reduce the amount we do.

Hunger Hormones

There are couple of hormones closely linked to weight, ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is produced and released mainly by the stomach. Often referred to as the ‘hunger hormone’ because it increases appetite plus many other functions. Leptin suppresses appetite. With increased fat leptin can cause resistance which means signals telling us we’re full could be disrupted.


Ladies often tell me what they eat hasn’t changed yet over time gain unwanted weight. Perimenopause and menopause is a time when muscle mass declines quite rapidly. This means with the same nutritional intake if we don’t have muscles less calories are burned. It’s a good time to be more active.


My go to gal is Anna. Workouts from 15 minutes, super effective. All levels. I really enjoy Tabata and strength. Choose from over 600 workouts on her YT channel. Great variety, boredom never sets in. I’ve done them for 3 years or so. Live streams are fantastic, well I think so. Ultimately the key is finding what works for you and your life style. I love the intensity of body weight strength exercises and running. Find what you like and enjoy. We all know the benefits that come with exercise.


Start slow, go at your own pace. Each time you’ll be stronger.


A good nights sleep is imperative. I have to admit I’m a good sleeper and grateful to be so. We know the imbalance of hormones often causes sleep to become interrupted with night sweats and other symptoms. In turn anxiety can set in causing the production of cortisol and hunger pangs. Feeling tired, depleted of energy we reach for sweet snacks.


I eat when I’m hungry otherwise I have a tendency to get over hungry, or lose interest. Cooking is the absolute last thing I want to do. Those of you who know me well, know I can rustle up a pretty mean salad. But I’m afraid not much else!


Be patient and kind to yourself.

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  1. Joolz avatar

    Unbalance of hormones is an interesting one. As I have under active thyroid wondering if my hormones have gone haywire and it’s not all about menopause, as I’m on HRT. Lately it’s got worse suffering really bad hot flushes at night not sleeping well finding it hard to function.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      The cause can be a multitude of things as we well know. I would make an appointment to see your doctor. Lack of sleep impacts everything xx

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