Sweet sensations

A masterpiece waiting to be eaten

Changing sugar levels during perimenopause causes the body to convert excess energy into fat. Reducing refined sugar is a good idea, sometimes easier said than done. Also declining oestrogen often leads to wanting to eat more and move less. We notice fat is no longer stored around our thighs and hips instead moves to our tummy.

Once in a while I reach for my favourite 70% or 85% cocoa dark chocolate with chilli. The deep bitterness and kick from the chilli gives an intense delicious taste I savour with a cup of black coffee. The richness ensures I only devour a small amount in one sitting. Another positive, the sugar content is surprising low.

My mum’s case was completely different. I’ve never known her to decline anything sweet. She’d readily admit this herself. Indeed she had an exceptionally sweet tooth. On occasion she’d make Caribbean coconut sugar cakes. I’d manage a morsel without my teeth going on edge. We’d love going shopping together, starting the day with a coffee and a cake! I’d ask which cake, she’d reply with, “San you know I like anything sweet!” Funnily enough her sweet tooth didn’t rub off on me. Carrot cake without icing was my go to. My friend’s mum made the best.

Unlike my mum, my cake preference is quite specific. I’m forced to wait until the ski season for her healthy muffins and macadamia cake. A fab gal pal rustles them up in a jiffy, more like a science lesson for me. She’s a real hostess with the mostest. If you’d like the recipe

I have to mention since moving to Austria I’ve grown to like cakes more. My mother-in-law’s Apfel Taschen or her take on Kaiserschmarrn. No refined sugar in sight.


A healthy snack of walnuts or almonds, high in protein, and vitamin E. Blueberries or strawberries are a winner for me. I try to avoid triggering my blood glucose levels.

Baking is definitely not for me. Any easy recipes? I don’t have scales. Or healthy snacks?

P.S The masterpiece waiting to be eaten is for my mother-in-law. A treat does us the world of good from time to time. In my opinion!


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  1. Joolz avatar

    That’s wonderful definitely to good to eat. Caribbean coconut cakes I’m with your mum on that one love anything with coconut in. Unfortunately goes straight to the tummy. Have binge now and then with sweet stuff then that’s it for while. Do enjoy fruit nuts too. Seems like you are always in a race to burn off fat.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar
  2. Anita avatar

    Oh dear, I can relate to your Mum; I’m a true sweet tooth too. Luckily I’m selective, but if I like it, I like it a lot and take quite a bit…
    What are your thoughts about…: HONEY?!

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      I’d say everything in moderation!

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