Strongevity – part 2 by Annegrete Guest Post

When not “on the bike”

Generally I am trying to live an active and healthy life. Fortunately I have the possibility and time do some kind of exercise 4-5 times a week. In the summer walking, hiking, cycling and swimming. I live in a fantastic alpine surrounding and when not here I spend time in northern Jutland in DK where I am in the middle of some unique scenery.

I prefer swimming in the sea or in lakes – but sometimes go to the local pool in St. Anton. Actually I also go dipping in the sea when in DK in winter. Always followed by sauna (a ritual of sea-sauna-sea-sauna-sea-sauna-sea). I am member of a so-called Viking club there.

Living in St. Anton during winter I have the privilege of being able to pursue my passion for skiing on a daily basis. I am a powder and off piste freak but always consider safety seriously. Ski touring has been a favourite activity since the last 15 years but winters with poor base has made me very cautious. This means that I often opt for piste skiing where I permanently try to improve my abilities. And I am getting more and more fond of cross country skiing although not very proficient.

 I also do Pilates and yoga regularly.

Most days I start with some stretching and exercises for my back (had a dislocated disc back in 2004).


My breakfast mostly consists of freshly made fruit juice (orange, apple, carrot, banana, ginger), home made muesli on a mixture of Skyr and yoghurt with fresh berries and honey and a soft boiled egg with rye bread. An alternative is porridge.

 “A cake a day keeps the doctor away” I love cakes and good chocolate and have at least one piece(!) with my one cup of coffee at mid day on most days. The rest of my diet is very diversified. I love most foods and also have a passion for cooking. Love butter, cream and fat cheese, but have naturally reduced the amount of meet I eat – but there is no no-goes there. I eat chicken, lamb, beef, pork and game. I adore fish and eat it abundantly when in DK. I appreciate a good glass of wine red or white. When with the right company I sometimes enjoy a cocktail.

The social side  

Living alone – and – although I appreciate my own company – I am aware of the importance of bonding with other people. Felt lonely as a grown up person kind of first time during Corona. Am lucky to live at a place where I more or less can connect with everybody and also have a couple of close friends. I am very social and always try to connect and make plans with other people. I belong to an old friends group in Copenhagen and they and DK acquaintances are often around during ski season but also sometimes in summer. Having people I know all over the world from cycling, skiing and sailing is a great privilege and also the reason why I am quite active on social media. My best girlfriends are Danish and living there but we bond regularly. I have pretty close contact with my brother (we have a summer house together in DK) and my oldest nephew.


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    What a wonderful life not a surprise you look so good.

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