Pre- menopause – before any symptoms start, when all is fine and dandy and then…..
Perimenopause, the time directly before menopause our ovaries don’t just stop working, everything slows down and during this time our hormones fluctuate like mad giving us menopausal symptoms. For most women this starts around 45, it was later for me, we’re all different. I didn’t give perimenopause a thought to be honest (didn’t know it was a thing!!) Of course I knew ‘meno’ was on the horizon! I felt no different until my periods became sporadic and they were heavier than normal, which did seem strange but I didn’t realise I was at the perimenopause stage, this was my only symptom. I know this is not the case for many; sleepless nights, anxiety, mood swings, aching joints, fatigue, low sex drive, hot flushes (should I go on?) are common symptoms but often put down to being busy, work, children, life in general, STRESS

We all have bad days, I even grow horns sometimes….


3 responses to “Perimenopause”

  1. Michelle avatar

    Fantastic post! It’s so important to share knowledge around the menopause and tips on how we can make improvements through lifestyle changes.
    Michelle xx

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      Thanx, I appreciate your comments so much xx

  2. Natalie avatar

    Very interesting read. I had not realised that peri menopause could begin so early until recently. Your posts provide a great insight for myself, and many other women.
    Reading and sharing experience’s will help prepare us up for what is to come. What we can do to try and help ourselves and realise you are not alone. Thanks for sharing x

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