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My blog is inspired by my wonderful mum. I know now and understand she suffered with a multitude of menopausal symptoms however back then she was diagnosed with depression. I discovered not too long ago she was prescribed anti depressants, no different to many other women at this time, it’s sad to say this still happens. I recall her hair falling out. She had such a thing about her hair, I suppose we all do. She loved looking glam, hair was part of it. Her weight gain bothered her enormously plus her liking for sugar increased. Sleepless nights were a thing too which to be honest became the norm. I used to think mum never gets tired, but she would nod off during the day. Her forgetfulness, brain fog impacted her driving, in the end she stopped. I remember her hot flushes, if I was around she’d always ask me to fetch her water. For me it was an inconvenience, I often think how unsympathetic I was. I must mention her tinnitus plus a tightening feeling in her head. She’d even shake her head quite violently at times. No surprise her confidence waned. All enormously sad. Every reason to speak with our daughters or young females in our lives.

Thankfully we know so much more and have access to helpful practitioners, specialist clinics.

With knowledge we can help ourselves to be strong, fit, healthy and continue to enjoy a full life.

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  1. Jacqui avatar

    Isn’t it wonderful to appreciate what our mums went through with so little help and understanding, we are very lucky to be living in a different world where knowledge is power – lovely read x

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar
    2. Michaela avatar

      Thank you Sandra for starting this blog. I think this is a very important subject and we woman should try and stand together and help, support each other… wether with our experience, storys or other helpful hints which cover this theme. Also find it touching that you got inspired by your mum. I for instance have exactly no rememberance about my mums menopause. She got me very late with 40 years. (back than that was rare) and so I was only propably 10 years of age when she went through it. Have to say I also cannot tell yet if I have real menopause symptoms yet, but I am in the age for it! So thank you I will stay tuned!

  2. Tracy avatar

    Progress has been made in that we women can now talk openly about the effect menopause and perimenopause has on our lifes – but there is still a long way to go. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      Absolutely there is sill a long way to go. I’m so pleased we’ve started talking and sharing our experiences, we can all learn from each other xx

  3. Claudia avatar

    Thank you for sharing this information. It is also stated that women age for menopause is 51. however, women now in thier 40s are also experiencing this condition. Hence, women younger would be a smaller percentage experiencing signs of menopause. The fact is some women experience menopause in their 60s also. So this shows that you may not know as a woman the age you will experience menopause until you start to have symptoms and offered a blood test. It would be interesting to know if genetics plays a role in the age a woman will start menopause.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      Really appreciate and value your comments, thanks so much

  4. Jaden avatar

    Thank you for sharing your experience and background of how you were inspired by your mum.

    This is an important subject and it is also valuable to support this discussion from a male perspective. I believe that all men, but especially those with female partners should have an awareness and understanding of what their partner will experience.

    It would be interesting to know if most women would tell their partners that they feel or know their menopause has started, and share what is happening.

    Equally, would be interesting to know, what are women’s thoughts about whether they have felt supported by a male partner.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      So appreciate a male perspective. Thankfully I can say my husband is super supportive, he knows how I’m feeling meno or not!

  5. Karen avatar

    What an inspiring story Sandra.
    It is great that we are more aware and able to talk freely about the menopause. Looking forward to following your blog

  6. Clare Galbraith avatar
    Clare Galbraith

    Oh yes, what a topic Sandra … !! I started a new job when I was 47 working in a little running shop. We had to test all of our customers for their running gait and help them find new shoes. I couldn’t understand why I was sweating more than them after they’d been on the treadmill and blamed it on the strong harsh lighting in the store. A little while later I realised it was just the start.

    I tried EVERYTHING natural that was possible to get your mitts on and became best friends with the lady in the local health food store. The final straw came when I was testing out the Ladycare magnetic gadget that you clip onto your undies. David and I were out for dinner with friends one night. I stood up to lean across the table for something and a fork suddenly shot up and attached itself to my tummy!!! I had a bit of explaining to do after that!!

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