My Gynae

My Gynae is the absolute best in my opinion. If you don’t feel the same about yours maybe you should. Please don’t come for me it’s only a suggestion!

I’d been researching prior to my appointment, prepping like a pro and revising. My sleepless nights actually came in handy. I’d made notes, rehearsed my questions, I was pumped and ready to handle any objections. I’d planned to go armed with pen, notes and pad then thought better of it, didn’t want to come across scripted and uptight, more off the cuff.

Seated, waiting to be called into the consulting room my hands felt unusually warm. Not like me.

Long story short and believe me it was a long detailed story, my gorgeous Gynaecologist listened, answered all my questions and more. She even patiently listened to my mum’s story. She put my concerns to bed and calmly replied ‘Janet (Sandra is my middle name) absolutely no need to suffer or to be uncomfortable we have solutions’. What a relief so many options. I wanted to lean across her desk and give her a big hug.

It doesn’t have to be HRT, we’re all different.

Have you found yourself a gorgeous Gynae?

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  1. Jacqui Connell avatar
    Jacqui Connell

    Not sure I love mine hahahah but I do believe he’s one of the best in the UK with a career spanning 40 + years. I am also still using my regular GP too, I’ve seen a huge change in education since 2017 to date.

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