My body…

Naturally we gain weight when we move less, age and reducing levels of estrogen make us store fat around our middle, which I’ve experienced. Declining estrogen has also changed the shape of my breasts. Smaller due to the connective tissue becoming dehydrated causing them to shrink.

While embracing my middle I found a fab temporary solution. What is it I hear you ask? I needed reassurance so after Whats App-ing a pic to my friend, she replied ‘knickers’. Indeed they were exactly what I’d ordered, knickers but with a difference. The new (to me) contouring, shape wear by a well known US reality celeb. I took a good look, rolled up my sleeves, engaged my core and heaved….swoosh I was in. Well nothing short of miraculous flat tum and I think bigger boobs a result of the high waist.Two for the price of one. I welcome a little help from time to time. Forgot to mention I hadn’t yet eaten and felt full. In hindsight maybe I should have sized up. In the end I decided to address the elephant in the room. Sport was and is the answer. This time I made a commitment to be consistent and specific. Exercising can be challenging especially when using different muscle groups. I stuck with core exercises, made sure each rep was a darn good one with power, intensity and intention. It’s a slow burn of being consistent for almost 4 years.

“I trained 4 years to run 9 seconds and people give up when they don’t see results in 2 months” Unsain Bolt

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