A kiss

It started with a kiss…

At it like rabbits? No one else’s business really. However a good sex life is a healthy one. It’s said to relive stress and helps sleep.

Maybe your sex life has changed. Menopause can cause low libido. A subject difficult to keep from your partner especially if it’s painful. All needs to be talked about, otherwise it could lead to frustration and more problems or actually it could be an opportunity to improve your relationship.

Low libido is caused by a multitude of reasons, not all necessarily hormonal. However it could steam from hormones leading to tiredness, fluctuation in mood, declining testosterone, anxiety, work, caring for loved ones, painful sex (posted on this topic 11th January) illness or darn right exhaustion. Maybe you no longer find your partner attractive.

I suppose one of the greatest challenges is feeling fabulous in our bodies. This alone makes us ‘up for it’ and fills us with confidence. Much is about how we feel.

Of course as with everything there are always exceptions. Those wonderful ladies who gallop through menopause with the libido of a 25 year old, who rock up at parties glowing with little sleep. If you’re one of those fabulous ladies, I admire your glow from near and afar.

Just a thought. Oysters may well be my starter of choice!

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  1. Carolyn Trotman-Grabek avatar
    Carolyn Trotman-Grabek

    What wonderfully nurturing reflections and advice Sandra! Thanks for creating this safe learning space for discussing menopause. I’ve learnt that when we keep handy the knowledge that change is the only true constant, life in general becomes much more lovable. The trouble is, we so easily choose to give in to the infatuation of permanence. I fell prey when it came time to meet the dreaded M! The truth is though, there are many options in our modern world to help us women of a certain fabulous age get through menopause in style. It turned out that there was no need to panic as I dramatically did at first! There isn’t one answer to combating hormonal shifts and the side effects… in fact I found a treasure trove of answers that can be combined according to preference. Here’s a sample of what my homework turned up: nourishing diets, dance classes, exercise routines, hormone replacement therapy, meditation techniques, sex toys, re-dating your partner, experimental relationships, exploring spirituality, cultivating new hobbies… the list goes on and on. In embracing my journey through menopause, I’ve come to see that the only barrier to enjoying this stage of my life is me not accepting that change is natural.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      So appreciate your comment xx

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