Hair loss and thinning is common when ageing in both men and women. Stress is factor, in some cases hereditary.

Hair, our crown and glory. When our hair looks great we feel great….

During menopause our hair can become dry, brittle, thin and many women suffer hair loss. I’ve mentioned my mum suffered hair loss and a friend. It shouldn’t really cause any health issues but I’m sure you can imagine the anxiety and low self esteem. I’ve been to the hairdresser hated my hair and that was stress enough! Unfortunately the decrease in oestrogen makes our male hormones (androgens) more prominent. Androgens can shrink our hair follicles causing thinning and loss. Another effect of androgens is unwanted facial hair, usually around the mouth and chin. I have 2 hairs on my chin I tweezer every now and then!

Oestrogen can help hair follicles from shrinking. Speak with your doctor or specialist. Hormone replacement therapy could be an option.

Minoxidil, a treatment which can be bought over the counter. Speak to your pharmacist.

Eating foods such as flax seeds, soya milk, tofu all rich in phytoestrogens can help. I eat flax seeds daily.

During my hairdressing days, many moons ago, we were taught hair loss may occur during pregnancy however nothing about menopausal women. I wonder if it’s covered now?

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