Hair again

Along with everything else going through perimenopause and menopause I’ve noticed a change in my hair and scalp. Both drier than usual making my scalp itchy sometimes. I include flaxseeds with my breakfast which are supposed to help plus massage flaxseed oil into my scalp from time to time. Leave for a few hours prior to shampooing. I’m not advising anyone does the same, it works for me. Hair masks are another favourite of mine. If I’m having me time I leave conditioner in all day. Not the most glamorous look, but needs must.

Most of us know of, if not see those gorgeous ladies donning their grey or white locks. My mother-in-law is amongst this group, she also has a thick head of hair. Grey hair often comes with age however it may happen through stress and other circumstances.

Oestrogen impacts hair by slowing down the growth cycle, unfortunately the shredding cycle is longer so you may see more hair in your shower. Plus declining oestrogen means androgens are more prevalent, they shrink the hair follicles. All is not lost, our hair still grows but thinner.

  • Go easy with flat irons. Always use a heat protection product.
  • Go for your natural curls. Curly hair looks thicker. No straighteners or flat irons required
  • Make sure you have enough protein in your diet
  • Keep your scalp moisturised
  • Find a great hairdresser
  • Speak with your pharmacist about Minoxidil. It’s an at home treatment you can use to encourage hair growth
  • See your doctor if you’re concerned

A change of hair style can put a spring in your step. Shorter works for some ladies, giving the illusion of thicker locks. Maybe revert back to your natural curls, if you have them. Tints or highlights mingled in with the grey could be an option, giving a natural look. I have grey hairs around my hairline and a few sprout here and there, so I pop a colour on and massage the remaining over my entire head, makes for an even coverage.

Lastly, I’ve noticed a single grey hair appear on my chin. Surely I’m not the only one. I keep a good pair of tweezers handy!

Oh yes, I have a single white hair on my right eyebrow. A bit random. I’ve decided not to pluck, a quick once over with an eyebrow kohl does the trick.

Whatever makes you feel fabulous?

2 responses to “Hair again”

  1. Joolz avatar

    Hi definitely noticed my hair thinning I find coconut oil left on soaking for few hours helps. Skin has become so dry have soak in bath with good old fashioned baby oil, careful can be slippery. As for chin hairs my voicing and I have had agreement years ago any signs must be removed 😆 the joys of getting older and menopause.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      Great idea with the baby oil and coconut oil, going to give them a try

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