Jacqui’s Personal Story – Guest Post

I was very fortunate to be introduced to a private HRT consultant gynaecologist back in 2017 where my peri-menopausal symptoms where starting to bubble around the surface, concerned it was neurosis or depression I knew something had to give!  I would definitely say the M. Movement was not in full swing then so it was really hard to decipher if it was just life crap that was dragging me down or if there is something  a- changing !! 

Also, I found it tough having close friends who were handling their peri-menopause differently or not even noticing it at all, it was a pretty isolating and weird time, but 6 years on, I love chattering to all my girlies about it now, and particularly how far we’ve come.

The world of menopause and education has moved on in gargantuan leaps since then but luckily for me, my consultant assured me that I could be helped and ‘YES’  you can have support even if you are not full term menopause – he busted the current belief at that time around the actual length of time you must have NOT bled for before you could consider intervention hallelujah!  ( a ridiculous and prescriptive 12 months non-bleed suggesting to me we were all robots and not unique at all! ) – it was and still is a sort of trial and error with medication for me, a constant learning curve.  I am very happy to say that currently all is good in the world with my prescription today and the thing I love the most is the continuous fatigue I experienced appears to have ‘done one’ ! 

How lucky are we?  I think about our mothers too San, our mothers did not have what we have today in support and education, my mother had a hysterectomy at 38 years old and was sent home to get on with her life – she literally fell off a cliff mentally, this was very tough for someone who was mentally traumatised and challenged throughout her life anyway.    I have very few memories of my mum being happy but one time in particular was when she had HRT prescribed in the very early 90’s – she literally was a different person in a lovely way – it stays with me to this day.  Her peace was short lived as HRT was pulled for women (although not banned ) because of unsubstantiated breast cancer claims.   I often wonder how life could have been had she been able to stay on her HRT journey…

P.S I applaud natural methods too 100% – my dear friend medicates with cold water swimming and a cocktail of vitamins and it works an absolute treat. 

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