Fogged up

A clear view


I started studying a couple of years ago. Towards my final exams I felt I struggled a little with my memory. If I’m honest I’m not sure it was brain fog or the stress of my final exams. Maybe both and the thought of investing more time effect and money if I failed. I’m grateful to say I passed and my memory is back to serving me well.

We know hormone receptors are in our brain so with the fluctuation, memory and concentration can be effected, resulting in brain fog. Ladies have told me it effected them during pregnancy.

Hopefully you’ve found your keys. If not look in the fridge!


Planning ahead and being organised helps. Preparation takes away flustered, anxious feelings.


I’m grateful to say I sleep well. I need 8 hours. Sleepless nights are exhausting especially if you’re having hot flushes. Needless to say our things to do list pops into our head, not the best recipe.

  • Draw a line under your things to do list
  • Avoid electronic devices
  • Make sure your bedroom is cool
  • Going to bed around the same time, helps your body clock
  • Avoid coffee and caffeine drinks

My mum

I recall my mum arriving late one Sunday after church. She often dropped friends home so there was no major concern. It transpired she couldn’t remember how to get home, her mind went completely blank for a short time. Thinking back I remember a few instances when she couldn’t find things, put things in strange places. At the time I’d never heard of brain fog only hot flushes! In the end she completely lost her confidence and stopped driving. There is evidence to show oestrogen protects against some vascular diseases including dementia. I often wonder if she was offered HRT instead of antidepressants, maybe her outcome would have been different. Of course I’ll never know. Thankfully research continues.

How are you doing?

3 responses to “Fogged up”

  1. Joolz avatar

    I have to say didn’t realise how important oestrogen levels were protecting you against dementia. I’ve just recently had blood test to check as not been sleeping concentration terrible.

    1. Sandra Scherfler avatar

      Positive to hear you’re having your bloods checked

  2. Joolz avatar

    After receiving results of recent bloods showed my oestrogen levels bit low, also low in testosterone. Doctor has increased my HRT patches from 50 to 75 hoping this helps. Still getting pretty hot at night not sleeping great. Will give it while then make appointment get testosterone checked out.

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