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Early menopause

Let’s not forget younger women who experience menopause under the age of 45, early menopause. If women are under 40 it’s known as POI, premature ovarian insufficiency. I’ve read many women are not aware they have the condition and put it down to irregular periods. I’d say if you have concerns always see your medical specialist.

Surgical menopause

A hysterectomy is the most common cause of surgical menopause. If the cervix is not removed your ovaries remain to produce oestrogen and testosterone but levels are likely to decrease quicker than normal. If both the fallopian tubes and ovaries are removed then menopausal symptoms are likely to be sudden. I remember as a teenager my mum telling me my auntie was in hospital undergoing a hysterectomy. I don’t know if she had her ovaries removed or not either way it would have been challenging time.

Another cause for surgical menopause is the removal of your ovaries. This operation might be carried out as a treatment for endometriosis or ovarian cysts. If both ovaries are removed menopause happens straight away.

Certain chemotherapy treatments can also trigger an early menopause

Postmenopause – Anytime from a year after your last period

Thankfully I wasn’t alive in the Victorian times, I wouldn’t have many years left. I’ve read the average age to be dead and hopefully buried was around 57. Doesn’t bare thinking about.

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