Change, good things are coming…

Sun Halo
So special a sun halo, a rare phenomenon

So special a sun halo, a rare phenomenon

It’s a funny time not ha ha ha funny, you know what I mean…a time of what’s next? Am I where I expected to be? What’s the next chapter?

Our symptoms, feelings thoughts are unique for each and every one of us. Through circumstances, negative and positive we veer away from paying attention to our bodies. Our minds fall out of sink. Not enough self-care. Often in the thick of home and family life, careers, care givers and and and. Needless to say when menopause hits we’re seldom in tip top condition and we didn’t see our friend peri approaching! (well I didn’t) Thankfully we have much more information we can draw on which can make this important transition easier.


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  1. Anita avatar

    Anticipating, accepting and acting. Timely. Easier said than done. Thank you for sharing; that helps!

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