Are you sleeping well?


Sleepless nights or interrupted sleep is common during perimenopause and menopause due to our hormones fluctuating. Friends have suffered hot flushes, night sweats, wanting to go for a wee more often than usual, heart palpitations the list of symptoms goes on. It’s little wonder sleep is difficult.

I’m a 8 hours kinda girl, a good sleeper (again) and I need every hour. Without it I’m effected in numerous ways most of all my concentration. Sleep has a huge impact on my day, and everyone around me.

I make conscious effort to get my body in sleep mode. Unwinding a few hours before going to bed, for me it’s clearing my head of my ‘things to do list’. I try my best to go to bed around the same time and wake at the same time everyday, so my body has a rhythm. It sets my internal clock. Over the past year I’ve started taking a multivitamin supplement (I ran it past my gorgeous Gynae) which includes magnesium, known for its relaxing properties and the ability to calm the body. I feel it helps me. Avoiding screen time a few hours before. Electronic devices are not for us in our bedroom. No coffee, water instead and sometimes a fruit tea. I’m sure many of you enjoy your herbal teas including camomile. Above all I ensure our bedroom is cool especially because my husband is like a radiator!

There are many factors which may contribute to poor sleep. It’s worth speaking with your doctor if you have concerns.

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    I`m not a good sleeper and good sleep hygiene is very important to me too.

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